Q. Do I need to be a particular size?

A. Magazines are after variety, so this means depending on the section, all sizes and shapes. It is a massive plus if you are between size 6-12 and well proportioned. Girls with bra size C or larger, with attractive facial features, and perky breasts are feature material and will earn more.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get paid?
A. Yes, once the magazines receive the photos and accept them. They will call you and ask you some questions that will form the content that will be published with the photos. Once this is completed you will be paid. These magazines are some of Australia's biggest publishing houses.

Q. What should I bring?
A. You must bring 2 forms of photo identification, this is to make sure you are over 18. Additionally, bring lingerie outfits, accessories, makeup, hair products, and a couple pairs of matching heels.

Q. How do I prepare for a shoot?
A. Shave/Wax all underarm hair, leg hair, and upper lip hair. Pubic Hair must be neat and trimmed, a thin strip is preferable. Sculpt eyebrows to ensure they are the right shape and thickness. Nails should be neat, French manicured, or simply plain glossy. If you are not naturally tanned or have bad tan lines, we recommend a good quality tan the day before.

Q. Is being asian or having tattoos a problem?
A. No. Magazines welcome all nationalities, and especially girls with tattoos. No problem there.

Q. How long does it take.
A. A studio shoot itself takes about 1-2 hours. Depending on what we are shooting and how many magazines. Locations shoots will take longer.

Q. I'm worried about skin scarring or bruising.
A. All photos get airbrushed before they are sent to the magazines. This will remove scaring, brusises, and acne.

Q. Do I do my own makeup and hair?
A. You can get a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for only $130, or you are welcome to do your own.

Q. Can I bring someone to support me during the shoot?
A. If you genually feel like it will make you more comfortable, yes. It's been my expereince that some girls relax better without family or friends being in the same room, boyfriends might become territorial or demanding on the day, or destracting enough to make the photos unusable. It's sometimes easier to arrive with someone, and then join you again at the end of the shoot.

Q. How much can I expect to earn with the magazines?
A. For the right look, you can earn thousands. The amount depends on which section of the magazine you are featured in. A double page feature is worth at least $1000 and we can submit to the same magazine every 4 months.

Q. What if I don't have any expereince?
A. That is no problem at all. I'm here to help you pose and fill you in on everything you need to know.

Q. Is the studio private?
A. Yes, in most cases there will only be a photographer present. Photos will be taken from a distance so as to not get to close and in your face. On location shoots there may be a assistant present, these people are 100% professional and have worked with me before.