Information on shooting and submitting to Men's Magazines

Would you like to be shot and featured in some of Australia's Best Men's Magazines? By reading this you have taken the first step, and you are on your way. Shooting for magazines are a fun way to make money, have a fun shoot that you get a make over, and have photos that you get to keep.

There is the potential to earn thousands!!! You can earn from $200 per page per magazine, and when shooting for multiple magazine that soon adds up. If you get covergirl/pinup it jumps quickly to up to $2000.

What's involved?

In its simplist form you must be 18 years or older, and ready to have a good time :) It's open to anyone.

How does it work?

Once we organise a shoot, you come in and get a makeup and hair done so your looking for best. You sign releases for the magzines. Then we then shoot for 1-2 hours for a couple of magazines.

Once the shoot is completed, your done! I will then handle the submission process, by picking the photos, editing them, and mailing in all the photos and docomentation.

When approved, the magazine(s) will then call you to ask you a few questions so they have some content to go with the photos. Your answers (regardless of their honesty) is important, once you have answered their questions you will then get paid via cheque directly from the magazines.

Once you are published, you can then get a copy of the photos from me.